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Looking for a font that is subtle but mildly distressing

10/07/2012 à 23:13

I guess I want something that looks handwritten. Cursive probably, but it's not a necessity. Something kind of sloppy and just a little bit scary. Something that you might expect to find in the journal of a fledgling serial-killer. Does anyone know of any fonts like this?

10/07/2012 à 23:47

It is all a matter of taste. Have a look at 'Themes' > 'Handwriting'.

11/07/2012 à 09:11

11/07/2012 à 20:57

Oh! That one worked. "Fountain Pen Frenzy" in the brush section looks pretty perfect. If I manage to actually get something published, it would be okay to use any of the fonts that are Free, right? (Not Free for Personal use but just Free.)

12/07/2012 à 09:48

It's freeware.
It means that the author keep the right of this font (so, it's not realy "free") but that you don't have to pay to use it.

12/07/2012 à 18:07


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