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Font for Statistics symbols

08/07/2012 à 04:35

Therre are a lot of Greek letters/symbols in most MS ttf fonts.
However some symbols are not anywhere.

Has anyone experience with a font that has symbols such as x-bar (x with an overscore) used for the mean of a sample, p-hat, the letter p with the symbol that appears over the 6 on the keyboard over the p?

08/07/2012 à 11:59

08/07/2012 à 15:57

Thank you much for your link and the code.

08/07/2012 à 16:02

I'm still wondering about the xbar and p-hat characters. Are there any 'statistics' fonts out there with such symbols. Neither link 'solves' this issue.

08/07/2012 à 16:31

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