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Foo Fighters Font

01/07/2012 à 18:42

please help

Foo Fighters Font

Polices suggérées

Boxer Script JF  Suggérée par pilaster 
Magneto  Suggérée par iambuzzy 

05/09/2012 à 09:04

same font but they have changed the F's
Police suggérée : Magneto

19/10/2013 à 00:09

I'm on the search of this font as well. Magneto is not the correct font. It's just close. You can see differences in the "g" and the dot over the "i" (just to point out a couple tell-tale signs.)

19/10/2013 à 14:52

This one has also been suggested in a previous post on the forum.
Police suggérée : Boxer Script JF

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