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What's the font for movie credits...

29/01/2011 à 11:34

an easy one for you i'm sure?? What's this font?

What's the font for movie credits...

Police identifiée

Bee Two  Suggérée par claudeserieux 

Polices suggérées

Univers 39 Ultra Thin  Suggérée par sekmo 
Triple Condensed Gothic RR Light  Suggérée par rocamaco 
Universal Accreditation  Suggérée par ITellYa 
SF Movie Poster  Suggérée par MVRH 
Steel Tongs  Suggérée par jakmahe 

29/01/2011 à 11:46

Police suggérée : Universal Accreditation

29/01/2011 à 11:52

Huuumm, are you sure? I'm a bit doubtful but it seems to be quite similar..ok

29/01/2011 à 11:57

29/01/2011 à 11:59

you definetely are the best!! thank you

29/01/2011 à 12:11

29/01/2011 à 12:19

Sorry about my wrong one, was hard to see on the picture you added...
Rocamaco is probably right!

29/01/2011 à 13:54

I Think is Steel Tongs
Police suggérée : Steel Tongs

29/01/2011 à 18:56

La fonte MP4MotionPix n'est pas disponible.
Police identifiée : Bee Two

29/01/2011 à 19:10

Good job!

01/10/2011 à 21:59

What about SF Movie Poster?
Police suggérée : SF Movie Poster

29/02/2012 à 18:54

ItS UNIVERS ULTRA THIN.. It's an old type...
Police suggérée : Univers 39 Ultra Thin

17/01/2019 à 06:50

Its not Univers, because the capital S's have different center angles. Its also not SF Movie Poster, since the capital M's touch the baseline. Bee Two seems the most likely, as was previously mentioned.

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