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Freehand look-a-like

28/01/2011 à 18:17

A local college bar has asked us to re-create their shirts... I'm struggling with finding the font they've used for their name (I did the best I could to isolate and clean up the text to make it easier to identify). It seems very similar to Freehand 575, except the l's are the wrong shape. It also looks similar to Tally Text and Andrea's Handwriting, but none of them seems to be it. I'm thinking maybe it's a knockoff? Any ideas?

Freehand look-a-like

Police identifiée

Tabitha  Suggérée par rocamaco 

28/01/2011 à 18:36

Police identifiée : Tabitha

Édité le 30/04/2011 à 01:14 par rocamaco

28/01/2011 à 18:44

That's it exactly!! Thank you so much!!!

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