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25/05/2012 à 09:30



Ce n'est probablement pas une police

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Couture  Suggérée par roysud 
Gotham Bold  Suggérée par Heron2001 
SF New Republic  Suggérée par NOTJORDANWALKER 

25/05/2012 à 09:41

I don't think it's a font but this is extremely close.
Police suggérée : SF New Republic

25/09/2014 à 11:18

This is more closer replica:
Police suggérée : Couture

25/09/2014 à 14:14

Chanel is definitely "logotype" designed for them. A font has been made but it is not a font for public use.

The closest I've seen to it has been Gotham Bold.
Police suggérée : Gotham Bold

18/12/2014 à 03:55

Question. My friend, in the USA, asked his University professor about Intelectual property laws pertaining to use of the Chanel 'font'.
This professor said as long as the business is not a competitor of Chanel, use of this font is not breaking any laws.
I don't believe that professor can be correct and I am trying to find someone who knows the laws pertaining to such use. Thanks.

18/12/2014 à 04:14

The font is owned by Chanel. It is not for public use. There are similar fonts you can use. Should you use the Chanel, for commercial use, and they find out and they feel it is worth pursuing--they may bring it to court.

It is not intellectual property. It is design and tangible.

If you find a lawyer and find out anything, please follow up here. Thank you.

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18/12/2014 à 16:05

Thank you for your reply. It sounds logical. I can't believe his professor would make such a statement without conferring with a lawyer. I believe this was a business class, he is a business major, so intellectual properties, copyrights etc were only briefly discussed. I will pass this on! I knew someone on this site would make sense.

18/12/2014 à 16:13


In the 1980s in the USA - a trial about stealing electronic fonts was underway. The conclusion was sad. The judge admitted he could not tell the difference between a serif and san serif face - because he really wasn't looking. I was in New York at the time, and the case ruled that if there were just three changes made to a font, then it was a new font. It is why the manufacturers have fonts that are similar. Bitstream choose to rename all their fonts and make them wider than the originals. I was an Alphatype shop - we had Eurogothic - no one would have know the difference between it and Eurostile - but I can tell you - the apostrophe seemed to always be among the three characters changed.

Type design is just that DESIGN. Too many are stolen. Hours, days, years can go into creating a font. More to create a really great font... and not much can be done. There was an English or Irish woman who has been caught placing entire manufacturers' collections on "sharing" sites - there are several manufacturers that have named her in a lawsuit - it has been a few years, and still nothing has been done. And she is brazen...

27/11/2017 à 19:09

I do not think the professor was saying you could not publicly use the font, what I think he was saying that it was designed for them specifically and you would not be able to find it at a foundry on line or otherwise. It was a font thagt was designed specially for them and its not for sale anywhere. That is the way I interpreted it.

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