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Halo: Reach Font Name

19/05/2012 à 22:12

I know and have the part that says "REACH" I just need the name of the font that says "HALO" I know it isn't the original Halo fonts because look at the original letters compared to this one. This one isn't as bumpy, it's more smooth and rounded.

Halo: Reach Font Name

Polices suggérées

Locator  Suggérée par mmmmmm 
Halo  Suggérée par JoesGFX 

20/05/2012 à 11:05

Here's your font needed
Police suggérée : Halo

20/05/2012 à 17:59

If you look at this one compared to the original, the letters not only look different, but these are a lot smoother.

12/11/2012 à 11:09

Police suggérée : Locator

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