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Font Doesn't Work on MAC But it Does on a PC

30/04/2012 à 05:02

I recently downloaded "subtle sans." It does not work on my Mac nor my daughter's, but it does work on my mom's PC. What could be the problem? HELP!!

30/04/2012 à 19:31

Remarque: only lower case

## Filename subtlesansultralight.otf
## Top Dict
version "001.018"
Notice "Atle Mo"
FullName "Subtle Sans UltraLight-Regular"
FamilyName "Subtle Sans UltraLight"
Weight "Regular"
FontBBox {1,-80,557,800}
FSType 8
sup.srcFontType CFF (name-keyed)
sup.nGlyphs 49
## FontDict[0]
FontName "SubtleSansUltraLight-Regular"
## Private
BlueValues {-250,-250,1100,1100}
BlueScale 0.037
BlueFuzz 0
## glyph[tag] {name,encoding}
glyph[0] {.notdef,-}
glyph[1] {a,U+0061}
glyph[2] {aring,U+00E5}
glyph[3] {ae,U+00E6}
glyph[4] {b,U+0062}
glyph[5] {c,U+0063}
glyph[6] {d,U+0064}
glyph[7] {e,U+0065}
glyph[8] {f,U+0066}
glyph[9] {g,U+0067}
glyph[10] {h,U+0068}
glyph[11] {i,U+0069}
glyph[12] {j,U+006A}
glyph[13] {k,U+006B}
glyph[14] {l,U+006C}
glyph[15] {m,U+006D}
glyph[16] {n,U+006E}
glyph[17] {o,U+006F}
glyph[18] {oslash,U+00F8}
glyph[19] {p,U+0070}
glyph[20] {q,U+0071}
glyph[21] {r,U+0072}
glyph[22] {s,U+0073}
glyph[23] {t,U+0074}
glyph[24] {u,U+0075}
glyph[25] {v,U+0076}
glyph[26] {w,U+0077}
glyph[27] {x,U+0078}
glyph[28] {y,U+0079}
glyph[29] {z,U+007A}
glyph[30] {zero,U+0030}
glyph[31] {one,U+0031}
glyph[32] {two,U+0032}
glyph[33] {three,U+0033}
glyph[34] {four,U+0034}
glyph[35] {five,U+0035}
glyph[36] {six,U+0036}
glyph[37] {seven,U+0037}
glyph[38] {eight,U+0038}
glyph[39] {nine,U+0039}
glyph[40] {period,U+002E}
glyph[41] {quotesingle,U+0027}
glyph[42] {parenleft,U+0028}
glyph[43] {parenright,U+0029}
glyph[44] {hyphen,U+002D}
glyph[45] {space,U+0020}
glyph[46] {plus,U+002B}
glyph[47] {ampersand,U+0026}
glyph[48] {acute,U+00B4}

30/04/2012 à 19:52

Thanks for the reply. The designer of the font got back to me last night. I have never heard of a font being "case sensitive." That was a first for me!

01/05/2012 à 14:20

suedue a dit  
I have never heard of a font being "case sensitive." That was a first for me!

Most of them are.

The font used for the text in the dafont forum is Arial.
Arial is also a case sensitive font.

Look :
A, B, C,... : uppercase
a, b, c,... : lowercase

Sometimes, there are no characters in the Uppercase section, or in the Lowercase section.
Sometimes, both are filled with the same characters.
Sometimes, they're filled with vector drawings

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01/05/2012 à 19:07

I don't think you understand what I was trying to say. I was typing a word in all caps, and when I went to highlight it and change it to Subtle Sans, nothing would happen. Type a word in all caps (it will probably be in Times), highlight it, and change it to Arial; it changes to Arial, as it should. This is not the case with Subtle Sans. Arial is not case sensitive. I've never run across another font in all these years that did (or didn't do!) this.

01/05/2012 à 22:07

The Subtle Sans font (all faces) lack capitals. So if you write in all caps (what you should not do anyway) you will see nothing. If, however, you write in all lowercase you will see all capitals (which you should not want). In short, the font is useless. Get yourself something else. Try Nymphonts' sans serifs for example, they will probably suit you better.
Good luck.

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