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29/04/2012 à 20:33

Anyone know what this font is?? I'm sure I've used it in the past... but can't find it!


Police suggérée

Futura  Suggérée par pilaster 

29/04/2012 à 21:00

Police suggérée : Futura

29/04/2012 à 21:02

It is a lot like Futura - but something's telling me there's a font that specifically has the overlap built in... I may be wrong.

Cheers for the reply though, maybe it will be quicker for me to use Futura!

29/04/2012 à 21:08

It's possible, but think of the complexity. Each character would need a glyph to 'cut out/overlap' each and every glyph in the font...
IMHO Probably a stroke applied to the Characters and then the cutout/overlap achieved by where the letters fall in layers. So;
in Ol' DIRTY 'R' and 'Y' have an outside stroke and sit above 'T'. Letters are tracked/kerned in tight for the overlap.

29/04/2012 à 21:10

You're right, thank you

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