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Can you, please, tell me what is this font?

07/05/2010 à 09:28

Hi, can you please tell me what is this font? Or, can you tell me some (very) similar to this font? Please, I am very need your help.

Can you, please, tell me what is this font?

Ce n'est probablement pas une police

07/05/2010 à 09:50

Anyone? Please?

07/05/2010 à 10:11

this is handwritten (look close, every letter is slighly different)
Look here if you can find something approaching : or there :

07/05/2010 à 10:21

Nothing even close... :-( I really need something like this font. But thank you anyway.

07/05/2010 à 10:55

this one maybe ?

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07/05/2010 à 17:07

Something closer, maybe?

08/05/2010 à 13:44

Try Italian Cursive 16th Century

and the 2 fonts Gourdie Cursive

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