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Angry birds font

30/03/2012 à 16:58

Angry birds font

Ce n'est probablement pas une police

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Feast Of Flesh  Suggérée par 55ahmedsalah 
Angry Birds  Suggérée par NathanIsTheBestGamer 

30/03/2012 à 17:04

Again, SEARCH feature before posting...

Édité le 30/03/2012 à 17:04 par drf_

30/03/2012 à 17:06

i didn't find that on search so what i actually need is the name of the font to search it .....

30/03/2012 à 17:08

Check the link I gave you. The first result is a topic where it says this is not a font.

31/03/2012 à 10:01

I think I found it its called Feast of Flesh
Police suggérée : Feast Of Flesh

31/03/2012 à 14:47

many thanks to u mr 55 just go ahead on other fonts;-):-)

31/03/2012 à 14:50

Get a room.

12/07/2012 à 22:44

IT'S NOT "FEAST OF FLESH" but it's similar ... probably a modified version of it

12/07/2012 à 23:20

13/07/2012 à 01:50

What's with the glasses?

13/07/2012 à 02:15

Its possibly hand drawn. Some artists will make in some time.

13/07/2012 à 02:21

Your best bet is to use feast of flesh

13/07/2012 à 03:16

Because you didn't read all other comments. "it's not FoF" or "modified" were said many times.

13/07/2012 à 05:16

Its the most like to it. Even if you type in "Angry Birds Font" it will say its most like fof. just saying

14/11/2012 à 13:36

It's named "Angry Birds" and used on their website, but you can't download it. It isn't really a font, FoF is based on the AB logo font.

14/11/2012 à 14:50

How did you arrive in this old thread ?

02/07/2016 à 00:45

Police suggérée : Angry Birds

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