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What is the font of JULES DESTROOPER?

29/03/2012 à 10:02

What is the font of JULES DESTROOPER?

Police suggérée

Euphorigenic  Suggérée par pilaster 

29/03/2012 à 13:05

This logo seems to be used for a long long time, my guess would be that it's not a font, but that's just my opinion.

29/03/2012 à 18:03

Logo here:
Otherwise you could do worse than fonts like:

Euphorigenic from Typodermic

which is similar in some of the letterforms.
Police suggérée : Euphorigenic

02/04/2012 à 09:42

Hi guys,

As a part of Jules Destroopers marketing team I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you, since the font is a font especially made for the logo (so it also has a reduced number of characters). The font we use in our offline communication, however, is myriad pro. I hope this answer will be of some help to you guys.


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