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Jaeguchi english font

22/07/2020 à 21:26

Could you tell me what the font is called in the photo below because I want to use it in all of my future K-POP & non K-POP videos that I will be posting on my YouTube Channel

If you are an army please also tell me who is your bias and wrecker and i might even reply

Jaeguchi english font

Police identifiée

Nct 127  Suggérée par chofislimones 

22/07/2020 à 23:50

press in "nct127-regular.ttf"
Police identifiée : Nct 127

23/07/2020 à 15:38

what is your channel on YouTube ????

23/07/2020 à 17:25


19/08/2020 à 19:19

kyunxoxo a dit  
what is your channel on YouTube ????

If you didn't asked me, we will necver be friends on YT and Dafont ... >3 you

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