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how do you change the colour of a font? PLEASE HELP!

26/03/2012 à 07:24

my tumblr url is vanillaha-ze so message me there or reply here!
i'm so confused :(

26/03/2012 à 07:54

First of, it depends what program you're using the font in.

26/03/2012 à 07:55

windows? is that what you mean? and i use google chrome too?

26/03/2012 à 07:58

No, I mean are you just using the font in an instant messenger or graphics editor like Photoshop or MS Paint or Win Word?

26/03/2012 à 08:02

i'm actually really confused :(
i am going to use it for tumblr, like a banner?
i usually just get it to say what i want, print screen it, paste it into paint, then i go onto the pictures and view it then crop it ?

26/03/2012 à 10:23

You don't use well the font.

It's not possible to change the color with the Windows font vizualiser.

If you want to use a font with Paint, start by install it correctly.
After, you will be able to use it in Paint (Tool Text) with the color you want.

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