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how to make font illustrations & small dafont avatars

20/03/2012 à 19:46

How do I make font previews like in the .gif or .png format? I don't make gifs. I tried that using Windows Movie Maker & a video converter, but it didn't work. Why are the avatars so small here? Why do they only accept 50x50 images? I don't have many images that size. Why don't they make them bigger? (any size)

BQ: Guess who my avatar is?

20/03/2012 à 20:22

Use an image manipulation program, like Photoshop or Gimp. 50x50 is more than enough for an avatar. Facebook has the same size...

20/03/2012 à 21:38

isn't that sad?

20/03/2012 à 22:58

u 4got 2 answer the BQ

21/03/2012 à 09:06

No. Whats is sad is that children are starving while companies are making billions of profit.

U got 2 speak English cuz I ain't getting it either...

21/03/2012 à 20:00

I don't have Photoshop. I have Gimp on my laptop. But I don't really use it. Once I can make a good font, then I'll make an illustration for it. I can speak English. BTW (by the way), "u 4got 2 answer the BQ" means you forgot to answer the BQ.

21/03/2012 à 20:04

So speak English, not that crappy cellphone language. You have a keyboard in front of you, with many keys.

If you have Gimp, then your question is useless. If you have the tools but ask which one you have to use, this thread is useless.

21/03/2012 à 20:27

Yeah, I know. But I don't make fonts. I tried once, but no software would do. I looked at the tools here & couldn't find the perfect software to make fonts. T-T So I guess I'm not going to be able to use the submit option here. Maybe I'm not going to able to make my own fonts until I'm 18. Not even ONE would do. I give up. No one would want to use a crappy font made by me. I wanted to make the Samurai Jack font (the logo one), which might end up having a different name before the name I wanted. What else?

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