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too many fonts...

15/03/2012 à 19:37

Hello, I installed a bit to many fonts (1700) by accident with the Bitstream font navigator of included with coreldraw, and I have the strange feeling my pc is slowing down a bit since... The problem is I don't know if I can uninstall any fonts because I don't know which fonts are used by system and programs etc... I'm using windows 7 64 bits. If someone has a idea how I can sort and uninstall the "unnecessary" fonts it would be great! Thank you in advance.

15/03/2012 à 20:00

I don't know if Win 7 supports that, but in your fonts folder, right click and choose "sort by date" and see what fonts were last added, so you can delete them backwards.

15/03/2012 à 20:18

thank you for your answer. And I already tried that. It doesn't work. For some reason you can choose to sort by date but actually it doesn't sort them by date but just keeps the alphabetical sorting... Any other ideas? Thanks anyway.

15/03/2012 à 20:41

Have you tried restoring your system as it was before you installed all these fonts ?

15/03/2012 à 21:47

If there is a less extreme solution I would prefer... But I will have a look at your idea anyway... Thanks.

Just tried a systemrestore, but it didn't work. I'mnot sure if my only restorepoint is too recent or if it simply didn't restore the fonts... Anyway...
So I keep saying: HELP!!!

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15/03/2012 à 23:20

Here are all the fonts supplied with Windows 7

15/03/2012 à 23:31

great thank you. But I think I just found another solution. I found out on which date I installed most of the fonts, and did a search in the windowsfontsfolder modified on this date, and it worked! I found a 1000 fonts installed at this day. I deleted them, and I think things are ok now. But thank you for your ideas.
For me this subject is closed...

15/03/2012 à 23:44

cool, content que ce soit résolu !

16/03/2012 à 00:14

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16/03/2012 à 01:07

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