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Anyone know this font?

15/03/2012 à 18:34

I originally thought it was Pupcat but it's not as there are differences between the two. Thanks in advance.

Anyone know this font?

Police identifiée

Pupcat  Suggérée par Rodolphe 

15/03/2012 à 18:40

Police identifiée : Pupcat

15/03/2012 à 18:44

Thanks but it doesn't appear to be Pupcat. Look closely at the r in From. In Pupcat, there's is more sticking out than shown in this font..

On this font too it shows weird edges around the edges of the L and the E which is straight in Pupcat.

15/03/2012 à 18:46

Yup, just add a stroke in Photoshop and voila

15/03/2012 à 18:47

It's just bolded.

15/03/2012 à 18:48

Ahh, didn't think of that *slaps head*. Wunderbar, thanks a lot.

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