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what is the font of "kindle" (amazon ebook reader)

15/03/2012 à 13:25

what is the font of "kindle" (amazon ebook reader)

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Bliss Pro  Suggérée par frd 

15/03/2012 à 17:44

Police identifiée : Bliss Pro

15/03/2012 à 18:42

why is this font so expensive?
please, do you know another one that looks alike and is much cheaper?
Is amazon kindle the only one using it?

15/03/2012 à 18:45

Because someone spent a lot of time to design it, and you know what ? He's got to eat too.

15/03/2012 à 18:49

sure, but compared to others is much more expensive. I wonder if they want to keep it exclusive instead of making even more money by selling more licenses.

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