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Tron : Legacy font

24/12/2010 à 06:37

Hey guys, could you show me what is this font type ?

Tron : Legacy  font

Polices identifiées

Helvetica Neue Ultra Light  Suggérée par deds 
CRR NTN Regular + outline  Suggérée par crr_ntn 
TR2N  Suggérée par Rodolphe 

Polices suggérées

TRON Legacy Full  Suggérée par Nemesis666 
Tron  Suggérée par cine1fz 
Tron  Suggérée par Rassine 

24/12/2010 à 08:31

16/01/2011 à 15:41

Police identifiée : CRR NTN Regular + outline

17/01/2011 à 10:54

Hi Tan2lar I've searched and i've find this font :
Police suggérée : Tron

20/01/2011 à 03:56

where can download the font type?

20/01/2011 à 04:11

11/02/2011 à 23:23

Police suggérée : TRON Legacy Full

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11/02/2011 à 23:42

vous voyez que vous n'êtes pas un professionnel!

12/02/2011 à 03:41

Exactly. why pay? i mean, when you can get the font free. doesn't matter if you feel bad about downloading a font thats what? 30$ big deal it's better to Not pay then to pay at all. and dude. We know you made the font, big deal doesn't mean You have to shove it up someones ass when ever they need to identify the font.

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12/02/2011 à 08:29

Police identifiée : TR2N

12/02/2011 à 10:14

the tr2n, is not a complete font.

12/02/2011 à 10:20

Font with all glyphs
Police suggérée : CRR NTN Outline
  (Déjà suggérée ici)

12/02/2011 à 20:26

Je trouverais votre magnifique Police, et je la partagerais à la Communauté.

I'll take your beautifull Font, and I'll share this for all the community.

05/10/2011 à 02:33

That is NOT the correct font but it is a decent replication of it. Compare the CRR NTN font as seen here:

with captures taken from the end credits of Tron Legacy

You can (hopefully) clearly see that the following characters are incorrect: D, E, F, G, H, K, L, P, V, and Y.
The ampersand - the "&" symbol - is also wrong as well.

Hopefully someone creates a closer replica of the actual font as it's pretty ridiculous to pay 40 bucks with that many errors.

05/10/2011 à 10:58

The original font is Tron Legacy, but it doesn't have all the glyphs.
Then there are several other fonts that were inspired by the original font.
My fonts CRR NTN is inspired by the first font film released 30 years ago. It has around 400 glyphs! Don't find them in any of the free fonts, because they are incomplete.
My typographic font is created for professional use. It's suitable for print and web, for 2d graphics and 3D.
This is why it is right to pay $ 40.
All this you can't get with other free fonts, because they aren't made correctly, and why they are incomplete. My fonts, was quoted in several newspapers and portals. You can find it also on
I hope I have clarified your doubts.
Police suggérée : CRR NTN Family
  (Déjà suggérée ici)

01/05/2017 à 17:09

Police suggérée : Tron

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