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Keep Calm and Carry On - Thanks :)

24/12/2010 à 00:54

Keep Calm and Carry On - Thanks :)

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Keep Calm  Suggérée par keithbates 

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Keep Calm And Type On  Suggérée par marijnkampf 
Avenir Black  Suggérée par katerent 
Gill Sans  Suggérée par kevinletters 
Avenir Next  Suggérée par sbuek 

24/12/2010 à 02:11

Police suggérée : Avenir Black

19/06/2011 à 10:51

02/10/2012 à 09:12

Alternatively you could use the Keep Calm and Type On font from It has both the crown and the upside down crown included. I've specifically designed it to match the font from the original Keep Calm poster.

Police suggérée : Keep Calm And Type On

12/01/2013 à 16:38

Avenir Next is found on Mac computers. When bolded, it is the Keep Calm font.
Police suggérée : Avenir Next

29/01/2013 à 01:41

Gill Sans is the Helvetica of Great Britian, and I've always just assumed it was set in Gill. After doing some reserach, though, it seems that the "Keep Calm" font is the best choice since the first posters were hand-lettered. Apart from the terminations on the C, Gill just feeeeels right. Maybe because it's so English...
Police suggérée : Gill Sans

03/05/2014 à 04:07


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