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What font is that?

26/04/2010 à 06:19

I know the name of brand coffe cafe like Starbucks Coffee and this is from Indonesian Country, which is written "The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
", someone help me about font is that?

Thx Before

What font is that?

Police suggérée

Scrubby  Suggérée par tophy52 

26/04/2010 à 16:03

Originally based on the old Bookman Swashes Medium Italic
Scrubby Regular is close but not a perfect match on all letters

Some Alternates fit, except 'e' that don't match.

'Th' comes from Veer's Bookman Swashes Italic AJF or BJF
as said in Typophile, where they also talk about The Coffee Bean logo.
They also talked about an OPTI Bookman Bold Italic Swash Supplement but it disappeared.

also used on
also seen on

Your example isn't eroded, but for a logo, it might have been cleaned up.

example straightened and separated for WTF

also seen on WTF forum

see the different swashes on Veer's Bookman Swashes Italic AJF and BJF preview
Police suggérée : Scrubby

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27/04/2010 à 09:35

Wow amazing! Thank you brother

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