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fonts "AGPP tours" please

16/08/2019 à 21:35

quero as duas fontes, sao diferentes, por favor
what´s the fonts please?
quais sao as fontes por favor?
cuaesl son las fuentes x favor?

fonts "AGPP tours" please

Polices identifiées

Gabuek Script  Suggérée par Heron2001 
Gobold  Suggérée par Heron2001 

16/08/2019 à 22:39


the "s" is extended your sample - I don't see that on the font.
Police identifiée : Gabuek Script

16/08/2019 à 22:40

AGPP may have been set in Gobold - hard to tell...
Police identifiée : Gobold

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