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Downloaded zip files are broken

29/02/2012 à 16:51


I downloaded a couple of fonts and none of them extract succesfully. When downloading a font, the downloading suddenly stops, resulting in a broken zip file. Tried Firefox/Safari and Chrome. Maybe it has something to do with my slow internet. Will this issue be solved?


29/02/2012 à 17:01

It must have to do with your slow internet, and you could also blame it on a wireless connection. But if it is the case, we won't be able to help you

03/03/2012 à 01:54

I've been having this same issue for days - my internet is reasonably fast, and I've also tried it in several browsers. However, I always end up with broken .zip files of exacly 36,3 kb.

03/03/2012 à 09:06

Same, but mine is worse. It always ended up in 19.7 kb! My internet connection are always same all day. But, sometimes I can download over 300kb. So, internet connection isn't the only problem for this case. If you're using modem or something like that, maybe you browsing the internet for a long time, so the modem get "tired".

13/03/2012 à 19:33

I have the same problems with a good internet connection . I get about a third of the file and it doesn't open the zip file .

13/03/2012 à 21:22

Are you on a wireless connection ? If that's the case, it has proven in the past it can be a possible problem. You should also try with a different browser, Internet Explorer 8 isn't the most "up-to-date" one.

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