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What's this font called or even one similar.

23/04/2010 à 16:39

What's this font called or even one similar.

Police identifiée

Alice in Wonderland  Suggérée par Amazingmax 

23/04/2010 à 17:09

If both S are similar, both L are quite different,
even with a distortion,
the stem can't be wider on an enlarged L in WORLD
and also have a different swash/point, thicker, ... unless it's a lower case L.

The wavy look could be done with a lot of fonts to make it look like it's "under water" like

Vaguely inspired by Biscuit Boodle?

I saw your topic on Abstract and was about to answer!

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23/04/2010 à 17:35

Alice in Wonderland.
Police identifiée : Alice in Wonderland

23/04/2010 à 17:45

You're right,
SPLASh World

with a wavy movement added.

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