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What does this mean? "Embedding rights: Licensed font (protected)"

22/02/2012 à 11:57

I've asked a question about the London Olympics 2012 font before, which generated no replies, so hope I get some help here please! I want to use this font commercially, but altho it is listed as 'free' the above criteria are added. Dafont advises us to contact the designer if in doubt - but cannot find any details with which to contact the designers of this font - Smuggle Sisiters. Please help!! Many thanks

22/02/2012 à 14:20

Smuggle Sisters, as the name already suggests, is a pseudo for someone who wants to stay anonymous which is understandable as his/hers/its font is a serious copyright infringement which the one who hides behind 'Smuggle Sisters' knows very well. Otherwise there was no need for the 'This font should be free.' statement.
Using this font commercially is very dangerous. The London Olympics merchandising machine - if not the IOC merchandising machine - will haunt you to death.

22/02/2012 à 16:54

hmm thanks, too bad! Not that I like the font, or am trying to look as if I am authorised by the London 2012 people, but needed 'the look'. Off to hunt down a similar font, if one exists. Many thanks for your reply koeiekat.

22/02/2012 à 17:18

22/02/2012 à 17:28

Thanks daaams. This is close but not close enough to fool anyone. Now I know why the Committee chose this (much-criticised) font - there are hardly any out there like it! Choosing an unpopular style goes a long way to protecting your brand...

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