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Can you please help us with this font

19/04/2019 à 13:10

Can you please help us with this font

Polices identifiées

Jellyka - Estrya's Handwriting  Suggérée par fonatica 
Recorda Script  Suggérée par jerseygirl 

19/04/2019 à 14:06

Police identifiée : Jellyka - Estrya's Handwriting

19/04/2019 à 15:24

Hi there. Thanks for you reply. The S letter is somehow different from what we uploaded. Are you sure is the same font ? Thanks again!

19/04/2019 à 16:20

The "S" belongs to another font.

19/04/2019 à 17:28

Would it be possible to identity that font also ?

19/04/2019 à 19:26

Police identifiée : Recorda Script

19/04/2019 à 20:19

PERFECTO!! love you guys!

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