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Using free font for my signature

06/02/2012 à 05:30

I downloaded a free font to use to sign my digital artwork with. When I use it in Adobe Illustrator get a message saying:

The font NockerCranky could not be embedded in the PDF document because of licensing restrictions. Stroked text will not be visible.

I don't use PDF. But I'm wondering if I am free to use this font as my signature on my artwork.

06/02/2012 à 06:53

The Nocker Cranky was made with Fontographer which program had as default setting restricted license embedding/no embedding allowed. This setting needs to be changed into preview and print embedding allowed before you can use it as you want. A work-around is making a bitmap of your sig and embed that bitmap in your artwork.
Yet, considering that Nocker Cranky is such rubbish you are much better off with the Darling which is a Brendel Informatik (extinct foundry) copy of the Castcraft (also extinct foundry) OPTIKismet which font is very well made and does not have the embedding restrictions.

06/02/2012 à 10:26

did you find Nocker Cranky on dafont ? i don't really think so...

06/02/2012 à 17:29

daaams a dit  
did you find Nocker Cranky on dafont ? i don't really think so...

Édité le 06/02/2012 à 17:29 par rocamaco

06/02/2012 à 18:54

... and cranky it is ...

06/02/2012 à 19:40

Thanks folks, but my main question is can I use the font as my signature without infringing on the property of the one who created it. I am able to embed it ok.

06/02/2012 à 21:32

The one who 'created' id didn't create it. He/she/it made/used a lousy scan of an existing typeface to create his/her/its rubbish. So has no design rights whatsoever. Thus if tou want to use that rubbish to sign your artwork no-one will bother you.
But you didn't read, did you? I wrote Darling, extinct clone of extinct and of good quality. Still in coma?

07/02/2012 à 00:18


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