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24/01/2012 à 22:33

Fonts101 is a huge font database. It has loads of fonts gathered by its spiders.

It stole almost all of my fonts, and hasn't credited, acknowledged, payed the licensing fee, or left the read me files in there.

What should I do? Has this happened to anyone else? I'm super angry at them, as I only make these free-for-personal-use fonts to boost popularity of my site, The whole purpose of me creating the fonts is destroyed!
I'm probably overreacting, but I'm pretty angry at them stealing Angie Atore, Bracketeer, Dunno, Emmis, High Yield, Killer Lasagna, and Sigs, almost all of my fonts.

25/01/2012 à 09:23


This crappy site may only be the visible part of the iceberg, as there are many others that do the exact same thing.

I guess you're not overreacting, but let's be objective about this : No one has control over what can be found on the internet. So these sites will continue to live, and we won't be able to do anything about it. But on the other side, you can imagine that these sites have a very very small amount of visitors, compared to the good and clean ones like dafont. But of course, I totally agree with you, picking fonts without asking and removing author and licence information sucks.

Concerning what you "should" do, I can only see one thing right now. Seems like there's a "report font" button on each font page. Of course, there's no guarantee that people behind might even care about that, but you never know.

25/01/2012 à 09:56

You could send your lawyer here:
Jagdishh Pahuja
74400 Pakistan
Tel.: 217780211

or send them an email on this matter, they have lately taken action in these cases.

But their bots will keep crawling, find you again and as long as there is a direct download link to the fonts on your page add them to their database again.

25/01/2012 à 10:38

can't find any of your fonts on this site, i guess they removed them.
some of mine are also displayed in their website... and have been downloaded like 500/600 times in 5/6 years ! ha ha =)

have fun :

25/01/2012 à 10:40

So I guess they actually care

25/01/2012 à 13:30

happend to me, sent them a stern email and my fonts disappeared =]

25/01/2012 à 17:28

it seems they care
but nobody cares about their website =)

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