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Need barcode font

10/12/2010 à 10:18

Hi to all,

I'm looking for a barcode font that will suit to our barcode sticker. The size of the sticker is 30mmx33mm. I found two fonts code 39 and 128 but the font is not fit to the sticket the lenght is to wide. I'm using barcode scanner symbol LS2208. Please can you provide me a suitable font that will fit to our sticker. Here is my email address Any advice is highly appreciated.


10/12/2010 à 10:24
more results with only the word code

10/12/2010 à 11:48

Change the size of the sticker...

26/12/2012 à 04:26

26/12/2012 à 21:07

@Menhir: ROFL.

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