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Need help, please.

19/04/2010 à 06:42

What's the name of this font? Can you identify it?

Need help, please.

22/04/2010 à 23:47


23/04/2010 à 15:00

Not yet,
considering these points:

the exemple is very bad and destroyed
the font has been very condensed and very stretched
it doesn't look like an eroded designed font

It has :
thick serifs on P
small bracket
pointy A
curvy and thin-ended leg on R
thin legs on N
the axis of the O is vertical
center stem of M doesn't reach baseline

Take a choice in the Serif

I've searched thru my Windows basic system fonts, Elzevirs fonts, no match on all these standards together.

or in

24/04/2010 à 00:50

I think it looks like it's Dominican SmallCaps, haven't you?

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