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11/01/2012 à 23:33

Just saw 'The Artist' (terrific film by the way) and I just love art deco sort of stuff.


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11/01/2012 à 23:43

So which font do you need?

12/01/2012 à 01:08

The word 'artist' if possible

12/01/2012 à 01:34

Nite Club
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12/01/2012 à 20:07


24/01/2012 à 19:06

Xcuse me, but do you know for the "The"

24/01/2012 à 19:07


Manually bolded.
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25/01/2012 à 10:48

i'm bored to see Scriptina everywhere, it's the Comic sans MS of the script fonts...

People don't want to spend bucks on a commercial font, so they go to, they find Scriptina, and i guess they think "wow it's a classy font, that's the one i want, it's realy beautiful with those big loops ! And it's rare to see such a free font !" ... assholes !

22/04/2013 à 03:14

By any chance can you recommend a font similar to the one in the title slide of this movie. It's all capitals and says "THE ARTIST"
Thank you

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