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"Quietly Brilliant"

05/12/2010 à 02:07

The HTC logo has already been requested, but I'd like the font that says 'quietly brilliant' please

"Quietly Brilliant"

Police suggérée

Ben Brown  Suggérée par vinz 

05/12/2010 à 13:38

this is hand drawn. 3 different i, 2 t, 3 l, ...

06/12/2010 à 16:56

HTC font is Zygo
Police suggérée : Zygo
  (Mauvaise réponse)

06/12/2010 à 17:00

that's not the question. The htc font has already been identified here :

06/12/2010 à 17:03

Yeah, I tried to make that clear :P
It's ok, I can manage without knowing

06/12/2010 à 17:04

Police suggérée : Ben Brown

06/12/2010 à 18:50

I thought he wants the HTC Font

06/12/2010 à 23:31

Thanks vinz, that's close enough

09/12/2010 à 22:38

BuLL a dit  
I thought he wants the HTC Font

Maybe you should read what the person who requests a font asks, it's quite clear if you read what he said above the image!

10/12/2010 à 09:32

don't be rude, it's no big deal. It happens, he was trying to help.

11/12/2010 à 11:16

vinz a dit  
don't be rude, it's no big deal. It happens, he was trying to help.

I didn't meant to be rude, I wanted to make clear to him that if you read what the question is, you don't make this fault.
I know everybody makes mistakes, but still.
I'm sorry :(

11/12/2010 à 14:28

Thanks Vinz

and ITellYa Chill!

12/12/2010 à 10:25

Okay, 12 emails later and I'm starting to regret asking about this one :P

12/12/2010 à 12:12

x) HaHaHaaaa

12/12/2010 à 17:35

you can unsubscibe this thread

25/03/2011 à 18:04

Take a look at this Facebook page: or
Under the "Welcome" tab, it is written; "What do you think of our new devices?". Take a look, and you will find out that the letters is identical to each others. Also at "Make sure you like our page". Did this gave you some new inspiration? But I am not a "font identifier", so I couldn't find a match. I am also very interested to find this font

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