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03/01/2012 à 05:05

Been trying to track down this font for a t-shirt design. Been searching for a couple of days now with no luck. Would really appreciate it if someone could help


Police identifiée

Metroscript  Suggérée par haniotis 

03/01/2012 à 05:45

Hello!, this is clearly, Secca Saloon Std Extra Bold F3. you should invest time with a site called, Cheers!

Police suggérée : Secca Saloon Std Extra Bold F3
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03/01/2012 à 06:53

What are you talking about?

That's obviously Metroscript.
Police identifiée : Metroscript

04/01/2012 à 05:02

Sorry Pal, Metroscript, is correct. but let me tell you is crap, I took that picture of Donald Glover it clearly grabs the characters and does a search and out pops Secca Saloon Std Extra Bold F3. so shoot me, I then used Identifont and found it is Metroscript.

Well glad Haniotis could help you, not much into script fonts. sorry i was not so keen like Haniotis. have a great one. This site is okay, not much in to novelty fonts.

04/01/2012 à 10:06


Just did the exact same thing with the exact same picture, and I get Metroscript. Of course, if you don't choose the good letters...

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