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29/12/2011 à 14:11

okay so... when i download the fonts it only downloaded the notepad file like there's no ttf im confused :'( can anybody help me ? thanks

29/12/2011 à 15:27

30/12/2011 à 13:18

it didnt work i still cant extract it :(

30/12/2011 à 15:06

Which font did you try to download ? What software do you use to extract the archive file ? Have you tried downloading it again ? Are you using a wireless internet access (if so, try to use another internet access) ?

30/12/2011 à 15:16

Double exposure , I don't know what software that is, I always try like 2 or 3 times and the result always same :( , okay nope okay then I'm gonna use my dad wireless internet access thank you

30/12/2011 à 15:20

Lol I'm sorry its double feature not exposure -_-" my auto text change it sorry hehe

30/12/2011 à 15:30

Thanks. Just tried, it works fine for me. Tell me, you didn't try to install this on your Blackberry phone, uh ?

Anyway, if you follow the link Daaams gave you, everything should work.

30/12/2011 à 15:35

Lol I didn't try it on my phone I download it in my laptop it will not work in blackberry hahaha
Maybe I'm not paying attention to read it haha when I see everything look a bit blurry I will try again and again till I can use em'

31/12/2011 à 05:37

omg omg today i try it again with another internet accsess and it works !!

03/01/2012 à 12:16

meeeeeeellllllll a dit  
when i download the fonts it only downloaded the notepad file like there's no ttf

When you download a file, you don't download a TTF file but a ZIP file.
You need first a to unzip the zip file to obtain the TTF files.

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