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okay so...............................!

26/12/2011 à 23:54

how do i change the appearance font for the start menu,web,and etc on my acer laptop?because i was lookin for something of chnging from the main font to a really cool 1 if anybody knows if i can do that with an acer laptop.

27/12/2011 à 01:13


we're not a windows support forum.
we're not an android support forum either.

please use google to answer those questions.

27/12/2011 à 07:39

oh so you guys do not support either of them that is wierd

27/12/2011 à 09:23

No it's not weird, sorry about that. Here we talk about fonts in general. Changing the appearance of a menu in Windows has nothing to do with fonts. People "might" know about it, but there's something like a 5% chance that you'll get an answer here. Try to find a more appropriate forum to have more chances of finding the right answer to your question.

27/12/2011 à 18:29

oh i see so you guys here at da font don't do windows fonts i guess i went to wrong website then.

27/12/2011 à 23:28

Drugs are bad.

28/12/2011 à 00:30

creating fonts for windows
windows pimpin

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