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What font is this? Please help!

25/12/2011 à 20:29

I don't know what font this is. I know the picture is edited on Adobe Photoshop C5, I just need to know what font she used on this picture. I don't think it's Arial because the letters are too close. If you think it is, can you tell me how to make Arial look like that? Thank you!

What font is this? Please help!

Édité le 25/12/2011 à 20:31 par theone-directionblog

Police identifiée

Arial  Suggérée par rozzpawz 

25/12/2011 à 20:30

Police identifiée : Arial

25/12/2011 à 20:33

juts make the letters....closer together.

25/12/2011 à 20:34

how? and how is it glowing?

25/12/2011 à 20:34

you can do that on photoshop i think.

25/12/2011 à 20:35

all the effects are done in photoshop.

25/12/2011 à 23:29

You put them together by adjusting the tracking. I really can't explain the process without confusing you (they are easy to do but hard to explain), but you can find tutorials on text effects all over the web the site I recommend for tracking and etc is I think have tutorials on other ways you can utilize your photoshop tools. Hope this helps.

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