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What is this font?

29/11/2010 à 19:50

I want to know

What is this font?

Polices suggérées

Comfortaa  Suggérée par tophy52 
Antipasto  Suggérée par Sylvain56130 

29/11/2010 à 21:14

Try Comfortaa

or Neon

but it's all customized
Police suggérée : Comfortaa

29/11/2010 à 21:37

3 p's, all different... You'll surely not get one which is precise the same...

03/12/2010 à 21:55

It's Antipasto
Police suggérée : Antipasto

03/12/2010 à 22:21

it's not because the length of the 'p' is different
that the letterby itself is different.

Illustrator can easily do 3 different length of 'p'
That's why i said it was customized !

06/12/2010 à 11:08

Thank you for all!!! 2 great fonts... Thanks so much

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