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Help id'ing a font - thanks in advance!

22/11/2010 à 16:28

Love to use this font on a project, but I can't seem to find it. Any help id'ing it would be appreciated. thanks!

Help id'ing a font - thanks in advance!

Police identifiée

Fabulous 50s  Suggérée par Rodolphe 

22/11/2010 à 16:42

Hello webwriter,
without "t" ?!
Police suggérée : Saginaw, Bold
  (Mauvaise réponse)

Édité le 22/11/2010 à 16:43 par deds

22/11/2010 à 16:46

Thanks for the quick response! Unfortunately, that's not it. But I appreciate you taking the time! I don't think there's a way I can add another image, but I have a couple more letters that might be helpful.

22/11/2010 à 17:40

Police identifiée : Fabulous 50s

22/11/2010 à 17:55

yes! thank you!!!!

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