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Stingray TV Series On Screen Title Typeface Mystery

10/01/2017 à 02:30

I have been trying to identify this particular typeface for years, and no expert can help me. It is NOT the typeface to the series itself, which is easily available. This particular font was used in the episode title cards, as well as the end credits sequences. There are no on-screen lower case letters to hand, making it harder to identify the true name of the font, as the font appears in the series only as upper case letters.

I will be clear that the font is NOT Arab Brushstroke, even though it is similar, there are subtle differences that make it clear to me that the font is a different one altogether.

I hope somebody can help me identify the true font.

Stingray TV Series On Screen Title Typeface Mystery

Polices suggérées

Simpson Bold  Suggérée par olaechea 
Impress  Suggérée par presipenas 

17/01/2017 à 19:19

Police suggérée : Impress

22/01/2017 à 19:36

Police suggérée : Simpson Bold

22/04/2020 à 12:56

I've since found a 50 year old sheet which contains this font and several examples of lowercase letters.

It has no name, though, which is very odd.

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