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Font recognition competition?

27/11/2016 à 15:55

So I guess that could be a cool idea? Recognising fonts. 8 (or so) competitors trying to find the name of a font first! I'm still developing this idea, but here's what I've come up with so far:

Aim of the game:
To be the first one in the round to guess the name of the font!

No using font guessing software
No conferring with other competitors
DM me your answer, along with a link to where I could download it (so I know you haven't just made the font up/copied a picture or whatever)
You get 5 guesses (?)

Other stuff:
There will be 4-ish rounds
3 points for the 1st correct guess, 2 points for 2nd, 1 point for 3rd

Is this a good idea or will it be too chaotic? Let me know :P

27/11/2016 à 22:11

They already have something like that here, Ava, the Font Identification forum, and statistics are kept here:

(the link to the stats page is immediately below the thumbnail graphics for "Latest requests".

for current month, and all time leaders.

I applaud your efforts to try to make the General Discussion forum more lively and interractive, instead of endless questions from people who have trouble installing a zip file, and the bottoms of fonts not appearing in text.

I think most font authors would like to receive more comments about their work. We had a forum thread a few years ago, where I critiqued most of the fonts by each of several authors, but few others did the same. It's here:

If that seems like fun to you, consider reviving the thread, with a new post.

Keep in mind that, if you like what a particular member posts in the forum, you can find all of their past forum posts, in chronological order from newest, through a link in the upper right, on their profile page. You'll also know how many fonts they've identified here, and which ones, if you click on the "identified X# fonts" link, and how many fonts they have hosted on dafont. The number of fonts listed is also a link to their portfolio hosted here.

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