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Please help

30/07/2016 à 10:04

I can't find the name of this font

Shouldn't be too hard to find, but I couldn't...

Please help

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Polices suggérées

Wilhelm Klingspor Gotisch  Suggérée par donshottype 
Killigrew  Suggérée par donshottype 
Manuskript-Gotisch  Suggérée par donshottype 

30/07/2016 à 16:31

The small image obscures the fine lines of the letters, but _Souls for Belial_ matches Manuskript-Gotisch

Still have not found a match for the textura letters of _Marduk_
Police suggérée : Manuskript-Gotisch

30/07/2016 à 20:41

Here is a higher resolution image of the back of the shirt

which clearly shows that it was made using Manuskript-Gotisch

30/07/2016 à 20:51

Here is a higher resolution image of the font of the shirt

which reveals that _Marduk_ is Wilhelm Klingspor Gotisch with most of the fine lines rubbed out
Finally found it
Police suggérée : Wilhelm Klingspor Gotisch

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30/07/2016 à 21:06

A free version is available here at Dafont as Killigrew
Police suggérée : Killigrew

31/07/2016 à 10:17

Thanks guys!

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