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purchased font

25/03/2010 à 22:15

I just purchased a font, but didn't get it on my computer. The money was already taken out. How do I get my font?

26/03/2010 à 01:22

where did you purchase your font from ?
dafont does not sell fonts.

26/03/2010 à 05:02

when I called up cabarnet it gave me a few options, so I clicked on dafonts option for cabarnet & it had a price to purchase. The money was taken out of my credit card. How do I get my money back? there is no phone # to call anyone.

Please help.

26/03/2010 à 09:13

Do you mean the Cabernet fonts from MyFonts ?

26/03/2010 à 12:03

if you searched Cabernet on dafont, here are the results :
as you can see, there are only 2 selling options : or
so you bought your font from either (Monotype), or
you're the only one who knows where you bought it, we don't know it for you.

Please contact the concerned seller... just check your emails if you don't remember where you bought it from (!)

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26/03/2010 à 21:26

thank you all for your help.

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