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Multiple Fonts, Please!

21/12/2015 à 01:18

I came across this birth stats idea and really like the font combination! Hoping to use these fonts or something similar for another project. Can anyone tell me what the fonts are in this picture? I know the flags are KG A Little Swag. Any help on the others?

Multiple Fonts, Please!

Polices identifiées

Chameleon  Suggérée par fonatica 
KG Call Me Maybe   Suggérée par fonatica 
KG A Little Swag  Suggérée par Didito5000 
Wausau  Suggérée par Lancon 

21/12/2015 à 01:31

Police identifiée : Chameleon

21/12/2015 à 01:44

Thank you!!!

Does anyone know what the Saturday/September/14/2013 is written in, or the 8 pounds 6 ounces, or the "in the afternoon"?

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21/12/2015 à 02:26

Police identifiée : KG Call Me Maybe

21/12/2015 à 03:04

Police identifiée : KG A Little Swag

21/12/2015 à 11:15

Police identifiée : Wausau

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