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Fallout 4 In-Game-HUD

28/11/2015 à 11:14

Anyone know the font they use for the in-game HUD for the new Fallout? I've seen requests for other Fallout 4 related fonts but not the actual gameplay HUD itself.

Fallout 4 In-Game-HUD

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Roboto Bold Condensed  Suggérée par DaFontatron 

11/01/2016 à 05:17

Here is a list of fonts used within Fallout 4, according to the internal fontconfig.txt file

map "$HandwrittenFont" = "Handwritten_Institute" Normal
map "$MAIN_Font" = "Roboto Condensed" Normal
map "$MAIN_Font_Bold" = "Roboto Condensed" Bold
map "$Terminal_Font" = "Share-TechMono" Normal
map "$Controller_Buttons" = "Controller Buttons" Normal
map "$Controller_Buttons_inverted" = "Controller Buttons inverted" Normal
map "$ConsoleFont" = "Arial" Normal
map "$DebugTextFont" = "Consolas" Normal
map "$BRODY" = "Brody" Bold
Police identifiée : Roboto Bold Condensed

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