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Help in identifying fonts? Thanks!

16/09/2015 à 10:05

There are multiple fonts integrated in this image. If anyone could identify these fonts that'd be great. Thanks!

Help in identifying fonts? Thanks!

Police identifiée

Varsity  Suggérée par Utilisateur supprimé 841236 

Police suggérée

Yi Baiti  Suggérée par gsm 

Utilisateur supprimé 841236
16/09/2015 à 10:11

AGS font Varsity
Police identifiée : Varsity

16/09/2015 à 10:35

Thanks so much for the AGS one Maury! Any clues as to which fonts the "Honor Society" & "City College of San Francisco" are? Thanks!

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16/09/2015 à 21:55

city college is the varsity font in lower case and the AGS is varsity in all caps. Not sure about honor society

17/09/2015 à 02:20

Looks like Microsoft Yi Baiti is a possible match for the 'HONOR SOCIETY' part.
Police suggérée : Yi Baiti

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17/09/2015 à 06:54

Hey acmetts & gsm, just wanted to say thanks to the both of you for identify the last bits. Amazing amazing work @maury1893, @acmetts, & @gsm.

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