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Indentify Raider Font?

22/07/2015 à 04:35

Thanks in advance

Indentify Raider Font?

Police suggérée

Zrnic  Suggérée par conman1985 

28/07/2015 à 05:57

Similar - not exact.
Police suggérée : Zrnic

28/07/2015 à 22:52

Comparing Zrnic to _raider_
* has sharp instead of curved corners on lower rhs of _a_ and _d_
* letters are wider than _raider_
* thickness of vertical stroke of Zrinc Bold looks about the same as _raider_
* thickness of horizontal stroke of Zrinc Regular looks about the same as _raider_
* length of clipped stroke circling counter is much shorter than _raider_
However, Zrnic Bold and Regular could be combined and edited to make a version of _raider_
I have seen nothing closer.

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