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Dead Zone font

21/06/2015 à 09:57

What is the font used for the title? I see it's also used on other books of Stephen King's, most of the time his name is typed using it.

Dead Zone font

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Cortez  Suggérée par moviefan2k4 

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Latin CT  Suggérée par donshottype 

21/06/2015 à 20:50

The diabolical pointed lettering as seen in _p_ is based on a 19th century series of fonts variously known as Lafayette, Johnsonian, Webster, Washington etc.
Should be some digital versions published. Dan X. Solo included Lafayette in one of his Dover Publications alphabet books, cira 1998.
The triangle serifs are "Latin" as in Latin CT. Not identical but similar.
Police suggérée : Latin CT

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02/03/2019 à 01:21

The font is called EF Cortez Regular.
Police identifiée : Cortez

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