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02/06/2015 à 21:29

These type of fonts i see around a lot and i would be so grateful if people know this font or at least the type of font this is, thank you.


Police identifiée

BangLYCH - Revenge Horror  Suggérée par fonatica 

02/06/2015 à 22:07

Police identifiée : BangLYCH - Revenge Horror

03/06/2015 à 11:33

Thank you so much man

03/06/2015 à 11:55

You should say thank you woman

03/06/2015 à 15:22

In that case, thank you woman

03/06/2015 à 16:18

Isn't this ("man") sort of 'asexual'? I've been saying "man" even to female friends and never got a complaint.

04/06/2015 à 13:04

Yeah that's what i thought but it's just a little joke, well i hope it is, because if a female was offended by "man" then that's just stupid haha

04/06/2015 à 15:25

It's been happening a lot of times recently, that's what I thought I'd ask Thanks for the clarification

04/06/2015 à 15:59

No problem

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