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Dark 11

28/10/2010 à 21:20

Urgent - I'd like to buy this font from the author - please can anyone help

Édité le 30/10/2010 à 13:59 par Rodolphe

29/10/2010 à 00:12

I think I found it myself - it appears to be a mixture of mason serif regular and mason serif alternate - but If anyone knows if it could be bought as is - then I would be very grateful

29/10/2010 à 21:23

The name of the font is in the exemple!

29/10/2010 à 21:30

no - you misunderstand me - Dark 11 is avaialble everywhere as a free download - but I want the original to buy for a project to avoid copyright issues. I cant find the author anywhere

29/10/2010 à 21:32

this free font cannot be embedded - any ideas

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