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Phillies Logo Font

07/09/2011 à 03:58

Or something close to it?
Anyone know the Phillies font?
Thanks guys!

Phillies Logo Font

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Phillies Script  Suggérée par l9marebear 

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Phillies  Suggérée par jetblack 

06/12/2012 à 23:48

as close as it gets
Police identifiée : Phillies Script

07/12/2012 à 01:14

l9marebear a dit  
as close as it gets

Phillies Script

@l9marebear: I'm not qualified to edudicate in Font Identification, but I wanted you to know that our cyber assistant in the moderators forum has flagged your post as suspicious. It's likely because of the image of a sports team logo. The Forum receives spam from people trying to sell bootleg clothing with copyrighted logos. Our assistant alerts us of things like that. He does a great job, but when in doubt, he errs on the side of caution.

In the unlikely even that your post is accidentally deleted by another mod, the time was Dec 06, 2012 at 23:48 :56


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18/12/2012 à 00:25

Thanks for the heads up! Not slanging anything I was looking for the same font and just thought I'd help out.

04/07/2014 à 21:45

the phillies font was created by the Phillies in the 80s. a font does exist but like most MLB type, its protected by the MLB. The guy over at is the only place I know that re-created the typeface though. go to, theres an example of some letters in his portfolio
Police suggérée : Phillies

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